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How to Save Thousands of Grading Hours with Automation of Fusion 360 Learning and Assessment

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    The assessment of CAD is extremely resource intensive. Dr. Tom Peach of University College London (UCL) estimates that marking Fusion 360 submissions for a single cohort takes two months of man hours, without even considering the time spent delivering content and supporting students. The session will outline how this entire process was completely automated by Fabrio this year, turning around 1500 submissions within a day. Grades were ready for students 50 times faster, while also improving accuracy. Integrating Fabrio into UCL's teaching plans addressed a number of key pain points faced by institutions across the world, including developing content, low staff-to-student ratios, and general limitations in assessment styles. This session will also highlight how the same learning paradigms can be applied in the corporate space (e.g., onboarding, upskilling, or preparing for certification).

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the key pain points faced by educators and students learning Fusion 360.
    • Learn about integrating automated assessment into your teaching plans.
    • Collaborate with other educators and external Fusion 360 learning.