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How outcome-based design can lead to more sustainable projects

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    Sustainability emerges as the main value driver of the future of building. Reducing a building's carbon footprint decreases its running costs, improves the workforce's sense of purpose, and raises property value. Buildings become also socially, economically, and environmentally responsible. In turn, they become more profitable, and healthier places to live and work in. In this class, we will focus on an outcome-based design workflow from schematic design in Spacemaker to design development in Revit and Insight. The discussion is centered on concrete milestones and frameworks connected to sustainable KPIs in early phase development. We will explore a small mixed-use plot in Central London, with views of the River Thames and HMS Belfast.

    Key Learnings

    • Set up objectives and key results for sustainability in early phase development.
    • Discover ways to optimize massing for density and living qualities with generative design in Spacemaker.
    • Dataflow between Spacemaker and Revit with reduced data loss.
    • Optimize Building performance with real-time feedback in Insight.