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How to Secure Cloud Applications

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    In this class, we discuss techniques for making your cloud-based web applications (websites and web services) secure. We demonstrate this using ASP .NET. We talk about how you can implement SSL for your web applications so that the data transmitted between the web application and client (typically a web browser) is encrypted. Next, we demonstrate authentication technologies for your web applications, and how to control and limit (authorization) what users have access to in your web application. We talk about implementing infrastructure for accounting or auditing that will help track and analyze how your web application is being used. Following this, we talk about how input can be validated (e.g., ensuring only a date is entered in a date field) for added security. Finally, we discuss session management where the web application securely tracks and stores a user's activity in order to avoid impersonation of a valid user.

    Key Learnings

    • Implement SSL for web application
    • Implement authentication, authorization, and accounting in web applications
    • Implement data validation
    • Implement secure session management