Lecture    AC3321
How to Excel at Data Extraction
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Data extraction is the AutoCAD® software feature that enables you to liberate your drawing data for reuse. You can use the Data Extraction tools to export data from a drawing into formats such as Microsoft® Excel® and Access®, and then link the data back into AutoCAD. You can also link data directly to a table in the drawing. These Data Extraction tools offer the serious power user an incredibly powerful suite of tools for exchanging data, eliminating data entry errors, and increasing efficiency and effectiveness. This class explains the workings of data extraction using real-world examples of how it should be applied in a production environment. The class covers the full range of system capabilities, including extracting, linking, and advanced table formatting.

Key Learnings

  • Extract data from drawings for reuse in tables or other drawings
  • Link drawings to Excel spreadsheets
  • Create tables from extracted data
  • Improve reliability of data by minimizing the potential for human error




Product AutoCAD
Topics Design Drafting

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