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Hello from the Other Side: What It’s Really Like Living with Fusion 360

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    This industry talk will begin by describing where we were back in 2017, how we came to find out about Fusion 360 software, and the decision-making process we went through when converting to using Fusion 360. In 2017, our students were stuck to a desk in our “CAD suite” using a competitor product, “collaborating” with USB sticks, and finding creative ways to get around the limitations with “locked down” educational software. The talk will present some case studies detailing the impact Fusion 360 has had on certain workflows and teaching methodologies, as well as some fundamental details of how we deployed the software successfully and are now able to teach more than 300 novice engineers a year how to use the software. During each year that we have subsequently used Fusion 360, we have been able to refine our approach to teaching and using the software on a daily basis, and during the talk we will share some of the best practices and teaching materials we have created.

    Key Learnings

    • Evaluate if Fusion 360 is a CAD tool suitable for use in your organization.
    • Explore best practices for deploying and using Fusion 360 in an organization like a large educational institution.
    • Learn how Fusion 360 can unlock unanticipated benefits within an organization.
    • Gain an understanding of how CAD is taught, and the skills and working practices future engineers will bring to organizations.