Lecture    CV5844-P
Grading: Anything's Possible
Ron Ricks
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You've just received a project that includes grading, and you wonder if it's possible. The project includes access roads with cross slopes onto a complicated site, and it calls for complex drainage swales and detention ponds. You will need to cut into a steep and irregular hillside while maintaining proper drainage, and you'll have to add integrate and detailed grading to meet project demands. And then, as is the case with most projects, there are changes and additions. Oh, and the end product must be a cohesive 3D model. My objective is to help you turn intimidation and fear (and maybe even some misconceptions) about approaching such complex grading challenges using AutoCAD Civil 3D software into confidence and conviction. We will look at using corridors, feature lines, 3D polylines, and many of the grading tools, and we will examine some techniques to tackle grading and make anything possible.

Key Learnings

  • Lose your fears of grading in AutoCAD Civil 3D software
  • Learn how to use corridors, grading objects, feature lines, 3D polylines, and many of the grading tools for complex grading tasks
  • Learn how to create complex surfaces from grading
  • Learn how to modify and add to surfaces


Ron Ricks
Ron Ricks has been in the civil engineering industry for more than 29 years. He spent 24 of those years working extensively with a wide range of Autodesk, Inc., products, becoming very experienced in the company's Infrastructure software products, including AutoCAD Civil 3D software. He experienced the transition from Land Desktop software to AutoCAD Civil 3D software, gaining vast experience as he applied this technology to civil design and he shifted gears to the new Building Information Modeling (BIM) approach of AutoCAD Civil 3D software. He led and was heavily involved in the development of CADD standards and customized tools for Parametrix, and he was a CADD technician on many projects, several of which involved very complex grading. Ron has been the CAD manager for Parametrix for over 5 years. Located in the Great Northwest, Parametrix is a civil and environmental consulting firm that specializes in transportation, water and wastewater, and environmental projects.

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