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Got Vault? How to Build a Business Case for Data Management

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    You’re in a small shop of 10 people, or you’re working in a company with hundreds of users who break into teams to deliver a project. What you share in common is the need to effectively collaborate and manage the data. You’ve had a look at Data Management and it looks like it will solve some significant business needs, but you don’t know how to present it to your manager, or who to ask for more information. Join us in this class where we’ll talk about use cases for Data Management, from small customer needs to those solving the needs of the enterprise. We’ll talk about Data Management for those who have needs in manufacturing to those who may want to use it to help them manage civil or architectural data. We’ll also discuss ways you can go back to your office, understand and assess your requirements, choose the appropriate product, and have an understanding of what software, hardware and training requirements will be necessary to present a business case to your manager.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover what each version of Vault does
    • Discover simple-use cases for workflow management
    • Discover simple-use cases for Data Management
    • Learn how to present a business case to your manager