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The Good, The Bad, The Admin
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You have your Fusion Team hub, you have your members, now what? Are you wondering how to use Fusion Team and what to do to get the most out of it? Do you know what roles to assign to the members of the teams? Are you wondering how to take your communication and collaboration to the next level as the team admin? Some of the responsibilities encountered as a Team Admin can be overwhelming. But as an Admin you can fully utilize the capabilities of Fusion Team to make sure your project is communicated, shared, and reviewed based on your settings. This presentation will discuss Fusion Team and the difference between roles, each role’s capacity, and the management of those roles. Laying the foundation for cross collaboration in your project will help get the job done faster, eliminate having data scattered in various tools, and make your project a success. This session features A360 Team.

Key Learnings

  • Discover the various roles in 360 Team, from team owner to project contributor
  • Determine how to define the roles in your team to best utilize your membership
  • Discover other ways to access your team on the web or mobile devices and how quickly you can interact on a project
  • Learn time-saving tips around the features and functionality in 360 Team


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