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Getting the Right Fit—Designing Footwear in Fusion 360

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    In this workshop, you’ll learn how to create a shoe from scratch in Fusion 360 software. Starting with a 3D scan created using ReCap Pro software as a template, the workshop will show you how to insert an STereoLithography (STL) or Mesh into Fusion 360, utilizing the Mesh Environment. To achieve the perfect design, the tutorial will elaborate on the optimum methods of inserts sketches or guides to reference when modeling. Starting from a 2D sketch, the workshop will let users create and modify T-spline bodies to produce the basic form of a shoe design around the 3D scan. Finally, in the Patch workspace, you’ll begin to learn how to add key design features using surface modeling. You’ll learn how to add key features to the design, such as the midsole, and convert surfaces into BREP bodies ready for 3D printing. We’ll provide all the tools you’ll need to begin creating footwear designs in Fusion 360.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to insert an STL or mesh file into Fusion 360 alongside images as an attached canvas as references for creating designs
    • Learn how to create and sculpt a T-spline body around a 3D scan starting from a 2D sketch
    • Learn how to edit and modify surface bodies within the Patch workspace to add details and create solid bodies
    • Learn how to create a shoe design in Fusion 360 from scratch, using a range of workspaces