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Getting the Most from New Software Technology

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    Have you ever said to yourself, “We pay for modern software tools, CAD managers, IT, hardware, implementation,and training, but I can’t help feeling we aren’t getting all the productivity we should have.”? In my experience, most senior management staffs have thought this at some point—but why? In this class, we’ll explore the role senior management can play in making new tools perform through motivation, CAD management intervention, implementing mission goals, customer interaction, and expectation management. Along the way, we’ll explore the key failure modes that impede technology productivity that CAD managers and users often miss. These include poor user psychology, contractual barriers, negative peer pressure, and lack of mission focus. Make no mistake, senior management really does have a role in rolling out new software technology, and this session will help you understand that role better so you can get the most from your software environment.

    Key Learnings

    • Drive software, user, and CAD management expectations
    • Identify common failure modes that sap productivity
    • Describe senior management's motivational role
    • Manage your CAD manager for peak efficiency