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Get More from 3ds Max with Custom Tool Development

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    This class will discuss using the 3ds Max software development kit (SDK) for automating common tasks within 3ds Max software. We will spend time discussing the .NET API and the Python environments, and we’ll compare them both. The Python SDK is using a newer API called MaxPlus, but it is not fully exposing the C++ API. While .NET API is exposing most of the C++ API, it can sometimes be more difficult to work with. We will compare them and show techniques for automating common tasks, and creating user interfaces to control your tools. This session features 3ds Max. AIA Approved

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how the 3ds Max Python and .NET API environments differ
    • Learn how to get started in 3ds Max .NET API developments
    • Learn how to get started in 3ds Max Python development
    • Learn how to create a UI for your custom tools in .NET API or Python