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Generative Design: More Than a Buzzword

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    No matter the challenge, Britten says yes! Britten Inc. is all about building up its customers brands, and is always looking for tools and opportunities to do so. During exploration of planned business objectives, we identified a perfect product to improve using Generative Design technology inside Autodesk Fusion 360 software which would achieve multiple targeted objectives. Travel with us through this case study to see how the project came together. We'll walk through the entire project setup, study iterations, and cover the current outcomes from this design study. We'll also see a sneak peek of some other projects that Generative Design insights might inform in the near future. Last year you saw a case study that highlighted rapid iteration, challenges, and the flexibility of using multiple solutions to find an answer. This year you'll see a true Generative Design success using Fusion 360 from start to finish!

    Key Learnings

    • Explore several business objectives that can be affected with generative design.
    • Watch several iterations of the Generative Design study setup and solutions.
    • Learn how to determine which outcomes meet various objectives using the Explore tool.
    • Witness the real-world outcomes achieved by Britten in this project and others.