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The Future of Sketching on Mobile Workstations

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    Humans are constantly searching for new and better tools. And yet, the pen still remains one of the most used tools by nearly everyone on earth. Come see how the pen is being used across a range of industries by people such as digital artists to mechanical engineers and architects. We’ll have representatives from Autodesk Sketchbook with Thomas Heermann, Director of Digital Arts, Autodesk FormIt with Tom Vollaro, Senior Principal User Experience Designer,  and Lenovo to discuss how these technologies are evolving to meet the growing demands of users.

    Key Learnings

    • What application developers are doing to take advantage of pen technology
    • How the pen is evolving to give users a better than "pen on paper" experience
    • How are hardware OEMs creating machines that take advantage of the capabilities of the applications and the pen technology
    • What does the future of sketching in the digital world look like