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The Future of Learning Things
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Autodesk, Inc., is dedicated to helping students develop the skills they need to design a better, more sustainable world. Partnering with educators worldwide, we support the educational integration of design thinking to build critical 21st-century skills such as innovation, collaboration, ideation, and iteration—preparing students for their future careers. In this keynote session, you will hear from Dr. Randy Swearer, vice president of education at Autodesk, and discover his vision for future designers. Understand how Autodesk is inspiring creativity and innovation in the next generation, preparing them to design and build a better world. Get inspired, and bring this creative movement back to your academic courses, or as a mentor to students in your area.

Key Learnings

  • Discover Autodesk’s vision for 21st-century skills such as innovation, collaboration, ideation, and iteration
  • Learn how to prepare students for the job market
  • Learn about inspiring creativity and innovation
  • Learn how to bring learning tools and ideas back to classroom


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