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Forge Platform / API: Meet the Experts
Albert Szilvasy
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, Shawn Gilmour
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Ask your programming questions to our panel of hardcore cloud and mobile experts from our Forge Platform development teams. If you are writing solutions that are based on these technologies or you are just about to start and want to know more, then this is the perfect forum to get to know the people who create the APIs and services you work with and your fellow programmers who use those APIs. Come and ask questions, add your expertise to the discussion, or just listen and learn. This session features Forge and A360.

Key Learnings

  • Get to know your fellow C&M programmers and members of the C&M Engineering Team
  • Learn how to integrate Autodesk C&M solutions into your own product (desktop or C&M)
  • Learn how to identify new opportunities for your business and develop your own C&M solutions
  • Get the answer to those C&M programming questions that have been bugging you for so long


Albert is a software architect on the AutoCAD team. He has worked on may parts of AutoCAD over the years from AutoCAD OEM to .NET and JavaScript APIs and various end user features in between. Most recently he has been involved with bringing AutoCAD to the "cloud" (Forge Design Automation API) and the browser and mobile platforms (Project Fabric).
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As the Director, Forge Platform, Shawn is focused on enabling a vibrant ecosystem for Autodesk and its partners to reach new markets and new customers. Shawn is helping define the strategy and execution plan for how Autodesk enables partners and customers to build new solutions and apps using Autodesk Forge Platform and Autodesk Cloud application API’s. Shawn has 30 years of industry experience with 19 years in product management, business and strategy roles. I have a passion for cycling of all types and like to ride where ever and when ever I can.
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Ben Cochran, Forge Software Architect has been developing and designing, software and hardware focused on connected distributed systems for more then 18 years. This includes software systems and hardware for distance learning, news media distribution and distributed design collaboration.
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Cyrille Fauvel got his first computer when he was 12 years old, and as he had no money left to buy software, he started writing code in assembly code. A few years later, he wrote code in Basic, Pascal, C, C++, and so on, and he’s still doing that. He’s been with Autodesk, Inc., since 1993, joining the company to work on AutoCAD software originally. He’s passionate about technology and computers. At Autodesk he’s worked in various roles, from the design side to manufacturing and finally to games and films. He is now an evangelist for the Forge API (application programming interface) and web services, and he has a desire to deliver the most effective creative solutions to partners using these APIs and web services.
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Stephen Preston is Senior Manager for the Worldwide Developer Technical Services team - the team responsible for evangelizing and supporting the APIs for Autodesk cloud and desktop platforms. Stephen started his career as a scientist, and has a D.Phil. in Atomic and Laser Physics from the University of Oxford.
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Dominique Pouliquen is the Senior Manager, Business Development for the ReCap Team at Autodesk. He is also leading ReCap Fly, Autodesk’s unmanned aerial systems initiative. He is based at Autodesk global headquarters in San Francisco, California. Dominique cofounded and was the CEO of REALVIZ, a company acquired by Autodesk in May 2008. REALVIZ computer vision technologies were successfully integrated into several Autodesk products, including 123D Catch®, Autodesk ReCap® and Autodesk Memento. REALVIZ was created in 1998, leveraging technologies developed at the National Research Institute for Computer Sciences and Automatics (INRIA). Dominique holds a Masters in Engineering from Ecole Superieure d'Electronique de l'Ouest in Angers, France.
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Jaime Rosales is a Senior Developer Advocate since August 2018 for the Autodesk Developer Network and Forge Development Partner Program. He joined Autodesk in 2011 through the acquisition of Horizontal Systems: the company that developed the cloud-based collaboration systems—now known as BIM 360 Glue (the Glue). He was responsible for developing all the add-ins for BIM 360 Glue, using the API’s of various AEC desktop products. He is currently empowering customers with the use of Autodesk Forge platform, through the world with hosted events such as Cloud Accelerators, AEC Hackathons, VR & AR Hackathons.. He spends part of his time presenting in different parts of the US, Europe and Latin America about the implementation of 3D content for web applications through the JS and NodeJS communities.
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Philippe Leefsma has a master's degree in computer sciences. He studied in France at the Institut supérieur d'électronique de Paris (I.S.E.P.) and in the United States at the Colorado School of Mines. He started his career as a software engineer for a French company where he participated in simulator implementation for the French Navy Horizon-class frigate. Philippe joined Autodesk, Inc., 7 years ago where he works as a developer consultant for the Autodesk Developer Network. He supports various product APIs, including AutoCAD software, AutoCAD Mechanical software, and Inventor software. He also focuses on cloud and mobile technologies. He likes to travel and meet developers from around the world to work with them on programming, CAD, and challenging manufacturing topics. During his free time, Philippe enjoys playing sports, including swimming, climbing, snowboarding, or trekking in the Swiss mountains.
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Mikako Harada works as an AEC technical lead and Americas manager for the Developer Technical Services (DevTech) team at Autodesk. She provides API (Application Programming Interface) technical support to the members of Autodesk Developer Network worldwide for AEC products. Prior to joining Autodesk, she worked as a researcher for the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich. While at ETH, she worked with projects involving the development of web-based collaborative environment with the Swiss building industry and web-based visualization projects for business data archive systems, aiming to enlarge our knowledge by providing a means of visualizing a large amount of information. She was also a researcher at Engineering Design Research Center in Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), Dr. Scott Fahlman’s lab (who is known as the father of Common LISP and the person who first sent the smiley face on the Internet), and Artificial Intelligence Cognitive Systems group at General Motors Technical Center. Her interests is in the areas of interactive techniques, optimization and layout synthesis.
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Dominique Pouliquen is marketing director for the Reality Solutions Group inside Information Modeling and Platform Products Group of Autodesk, Inc., in charge of promoting the ReCap software family of products and services. Dominique joined Autodesk through the acquisition of REALVIZ in May 2008, a company that he co-founded in March 1998 from a technology transfer with National Research Institute for Computer Sciences and Automatics (INRIA). He was CEO of this company for 10 years, developing its image-based, content-creation software business in the special effects and digital imaging markets throughout the world. Dominique has spent his career in the computer graphics industry since graduating in 1986 with an engineering degree from Ecole supérieure d'électronique de l'Ouest, Angers, France.
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Augusto Goncalves has been an API evangelist at Autodesk, Inc., since 2008. He works with all sorts of technologies, from classic desktop to modern mobile and web platforms, including .NET for AutoCAD software and Revit software, and JavaScript application programming interface for NodeJS.
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Tom Winter has been with Autodesk, Inc., since 2013. With 13 years of experience in software development, great passion, and early adoption of mobile technologies, Tom has gained his expertise in mobile development (with emphasis in iOS). Prior to joining Autodesk he developed numerous mobile apps for a wide range of industries. Today he is the software development manager for A360 cloud-computing platform and Fusion 360 software mobile apps. Tom and his team lead the ongoing mobile development in the Cloud Platforms Group, driving best practices and uncompromising user experience.
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