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Fiber Orientation for Warpage Prediction and Structural Performance

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    The fiber orientation as a result of the injection molding process have a high impact on the mechanical behavior that the manufactured product will have. Using different material models will help in understanding the latest improvements on the fiber oreination prediction, and considerations that are needed in order to have a better performance. By having the link between rheology and structural simulations, the material properties can be related with the fiber orientation in order to have a mechanical model that can be closer to reality. Autodesk Helius makes this link and helps in bringing the reality to simulation.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand the importance of fiber orientation for mechanical analysis
    • Learn how to create a link between Moldflow and Ansys for coupled simulations using Helius
    • Learn the importance of material properties for a closer-to-reality simulation
    • Understand how to use rheology-structural results to optimize part design