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Extracting More Information Out of Your Moldflow Insight Results

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    Often, you run several to dozens of results on a given part to optimize the results. Often, the changes in results are minor and subtle. However, these small changes are often the difference between a good design and great design. The maximum and minimum values for a result are usually outliers that don't tell the whole story; instead, value distribution is critical. Volumetric shrinkage is a case in point: The range of shrinkage may be 1% to 10%, but most of the part is between 2.5% and 4%. You can see this trend when you look at the graphical results, but you can't quantify it. But when you export your data using an API script, you can use a tool such as a spreadsheet program to create a histogram. Histograms become exceptionally useful when you compare them between studies. In this class, we’ll explore the use of histograms for looking at many types of Moldflow results.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the power of histograms for looking at Moldflow results
    • Discover how API scripts are used to generate the data
    • Learn how to create a histogram of Moldflow data
    • Learn about interpreting histogram data for various result types