Evolve with Vault: What's New in Vault 2018 And Looking into the Crystal Ball
Industry Talk    LO-DM15
Younes Yammouri, Peter Van Avondt
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Autodesk Vault 2018 includes a large number of customer-requested enhancements aimed at improving design workflows, engineering efficiency and administrative control. This class will give you an overview of some of these enhancements as well as a sneak preview of future planned functionality for Autodesk Vault. This session features Vault Professional.

Key Learnings

  • Learn about significant usability improvements within the CAD add-ins which improve the overall design experience
  • Discover how new 2D PDFs capabilities improve downstream communication and keep all teams on the same page
  • Learn about how global administrators are able to delegate project, security and Vault settings adjustment to other team
  • Get a preview of the planned functionality and some exciting new concepts to better collaborate within your organization as


Younes Yammouri
Younes Yammouri has spent the last 17 years absorbing and applying product data management technology as technical support, quality assurance engineer, product designer, and product manager. He has been with Autodesk, Inc., since March 2005 as product designer, and he spent 3 years working on the Productstream Professional software product line. Since 2008, Younes has been acting as product manager for Productstream Professional products as well as for Vault software products.
Peter Van Avondt


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