Lecture    SM2425-P
Evaluating Shear Imbalance with 3D Autodesk® Simulation Moldflow® Analysis
Mark Howards
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Shear imbalance is a tooling gremlin that was often ignored until exposed by John Beaumont about 10 years ago. The causes can be subtle but the problems that result are not. In the last few releases, Autodesk has significantly improved the capability for Autodesk Simulation Moldflow software to evaluate shear imbalance. Last year at AU, Beaumont provided an excellent technical presentation on the subject which resulted in those techniques being adopted by 3D Shapes on projects. Evaluating shear imbalance benefited our customers. We hope by highlighting key points for properly evaluating shear rate and and looking at recent examples, we can now help you benefit from these capabilities too.

Key Learnings

  • Properly evaluate shear imbalance effects using a 3D mesh
  • List ways to reduce mesh size and solution time
  • Describe the problems caused by shear imbalance
  • Determine when to use 1D and 3D runner methods


 Mark Howards
Mark Howards
Mark is a Mechanical Engineer who began his career in product development including injection molded part design. He has extensive experience with several CAD systems and three plastics analysis packages including C-MOLD and Moldflow. He started 3D Shapes in 1992 as a product development company with an emphasis on FEA. He is EXPERT certified and has used all modules of Moldflow on hundreds of projects including dozens of gas-assist applications. 3D Shapes also uses the Autodesk Mechanical and CFD simulation products.

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