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Enterprise, It's not just a Starship - Enterprise Data management... the new frontier

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    Enterprise data requirements are not new to us, but the solutions and solutions opportunities are. How do we manage datasets across organizations and an entire enterprise? How do we manage compliance, backup and disaster recovery? How do we choose technologies that potentially solve these problems and how do we bring standardization to this rapidly evolving space? What do enterprise security concerns or requirements look like, not just in terms of localized file/record access, but from an enterprise perspective with issues like Corporate Intellectual Property, Government IP restrictions, departmental restrictions and how do we manage compliance? The EDM landscape is rapidly evolving, especially with the flexibility offered by the cloud. In this roundtable, we will consider current challenges in the light of new (or yet to exist) technologies. This class promises to be highly collaborative and challenging, so bring your ideas and voice because we definitely need to meet.

    Key Learnings

    • To discover new EDM tools
    • To discover new EDM approaches
    • To discuss EDM security concerns in a global environment
    • To discuss or discover approaches to EDM compliance & backup