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Digital Transformation into action:Saipem Platform for AWP

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    Learn more about how Saipem has been working to create integrations that support Advanced Work Packaging implementations at any scale, realizing the “new possible”. Advanced Work Packaging methodology supports the work on an EPC project, from initial planning throughout detail design to construction execution; such methodology encompasses the overall process flow of all the detailed work packages (construction, engineering and installation). Saipem will give practical examples of their AWP implementation and how they have used Autodesk Forge development platform to solve their challenges. This session will show how a data-centric solution can integrate data coming from a variety of legacy systems, presenting opportunities never experienced before to the users. With this new solution they have access to a large variety of data from a single source of truth and the ability to access information from different point of views.

    Key Learnings

    • Identify the importance of bringing data at the center to realize the new possible
    • Envision improvements for your daily activities, with a session intended to give you “food for thoughts”
    • Integrate legacy systems in a single platform
    • Implement Advanced Work Packaging in your business