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Design Thinking Hands-on Workshop

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    “Design thinking” has become a common business term in recent years. You may have heard it on one of your teams, or from a designer, marketer, or engineer. As an industrial designer, I am often asked about it. Many people are not familiar with industrial design, but they know design thinking is part of what we do. This class will be a hands-on introduction to design thinking. I will center it on a team-based, timed design challenge. There will be a project brief and teams will be selected at random. First, we will benchmark the specific industry and establish a target audience to investigate the business direction. The main section of this workshop will be to develop and present a product pitch for a specific product. Part of this event will be the critique of ideas. Please join me for this challenging exploration into the process of design thinking. Learning to work as a team under intense pressure is a skill you can take back with you from Autodesk University.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about design thinking
    • Learn about team-based collaboration
    • Participate in a constructive critique of ideas
    • Learn about user-centered design