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Design Thinking with Fusion 360

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    Product development is a pain, right? It doesn't have to be. Let us walk you through it. We're 2 industrial designers with a knack for teaching. Design Thinking is a great process to move a team quickly from problem space to solutions. But it's just that: a cognitive process. What do you do with all those great ideas? This class will be a hands-on introduction to Design Thinking and Making. In small teams, we'll work rapidly through a design challenge, using a human-centered approach, and develop virtual prototypes using Fusion 360 software. Participants will be given a project brief, and we'll select teams at random. The focus of this highly engaging workshop is to rapidly develop a product solution (as a team) through Design Thinking and conceptual realization using Fusion 360. Teams will prepare and present their solutions in an informal share.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand and start to utilize design thinking to generate products
    • Learn about a collaborative design process in a rapid manner
    • Learn about exploration and iteration with Fusion 360
    • Learn about team building and designer insight