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Design Technology Leadership: Innovation through Collaboration

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    The class will encompass creating a Design technology vision and mission for a firm. We will focus on elements and processes of implementing and executing firm wide Digital execution plan, The class will encompass building the standards at program and project level. The path to a successful Design leadership lies in meticulous planning and diligent execution of Digital Standards. Establishing the baselines for milestones and ensuring the plan has agile and resilient pivot modules to adapt. The class will show the process to build accountability matrix and building Key performance Indicators (KPI's) to ensure streamlined program and project delivery. The class will highlight the development of quarterly goals and monitoring and tracking of goals. Successful leadership is to build and foster an environment of successful Innovation. This class will be a great opportunity for budding Design Technologists to gain insight and holistic overview of implementing the vision " The Right Way".

    Key Learnings

    • Creation of a Design Technology Vision and mission and implementing that plan across the firm.
    • Establishing KPI's Key performance indicators and goal planning of Design Technology Plan.
    • Formulating standards, processes and support system for Design Technologists to succeed digitally.
    • Foster an environment of Innovation and pioneering the path forward in Design Technology