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The Design Process Simplified from Work Order to Warehouse

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    A common theme in electric utilities is that every process has its own software, and every software has its own process. This makes for time-consuming days and the expense of more software for everyone. In this class, you learn how Northeast Nebraska Public Power District alleviated this very problem with Autodesk® solutions and a little bit of code. What used to be a manual process composed of paper and pencil drawings (you read that right!), Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheets, and lots of tabs in their financial system has been transformed into a simple process that is all done in the AutoCAD® Utility Design software environment. Now work order management, staking, engineering, and material ordering are all achieved in the software the designers know best.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover how a utility eliminated multiple steps in multiple software products to save time and effort
    • Integrate AutoCAD Utility Design into the work order and financial processes
    • Describe the solution used at Northeast Nebraska Public Power