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Democratizing Schedules: Be On Time with Up-to-Date Schedule Communication

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    Schedules are at the center of every construction project. Yet, getting everyone on the same page is hard—and if they’re not on the same page, it's risky. Can schedules have a clear place of truth where everyone can get the information they need? Can schedule communication be streamlined and more efficient? In this class, health-care provider tirol kliniken will share how it used the schedule tool in Autodesk Build software to collaborate on project schedules. These best practices will help deliver a total of €800+ million in projects on time, and save enormous resources on schedule coordination. Along with tirol kliniken, the Autodesk Schedule product team will share the benefits of centralizing schedules in the cloud, and highlight key features on the road map for Schedule.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how the schedule tool was deployed in multiyear, multimillion-dollar construction projects.
    • Learn from best practices in health-care construction projects.
    • Hear from the product team on future initiatives for the Schedule tool in Autodesk Build.
    • Learn how to use Schedule in Autodesk Build to streamline schedule communication.