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The Decoding Lab: iLogic Intermediate Session

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    The iLogic component of Inventor® software is a very powerful tool for helping users automate segments of their design process. This hands-on lab looks at the ability of iLogic to copy and replace components and error checking. In this class, you create iLogic Rules that turn an Inventor model into a configurator by performing the Save Copy As function on parts and assemblies. The class also explores the ability of iLogic to perform error checks on designs and show different ways to communicate these errors to the user.

    Key Learnings

    • Create iLogic rules that perform Save Copy As operations on parts and assemblies
    • Use iLogic Form tools to add tabs to the form and buttons for rules
    • Understand the concepts of adding error checking iLogic rules to your models
    • Incorporate verbal warnings for users in iLogic rules