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Data Exchange and Management Between Inventor, AutoCAD Electrical, and Vault

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    Inventor software and AutoCAD Electrical software are powerful products of electromechanical design. The data in these two software systems can be transferred to each other bidirectionally. We can manage the data of electromechanical design via Vault software. We can create a BOM with objects drawn in AutoCAD Electrical and Inventor in Vault. We can map the Properties of our AutoCAD Electrical project to Vault Items. Come to this session to see how.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to import AutoCAD Electrical data to Inventor and Inventor to AutoCAD Electrical.
    • Learn how to create a link between AutoCAD Electrical component and Inventor component.
    • Learn how to map AutoCAD Electrical into the Item Properties of Vault.
    • Learn about managing AutoCAD Electrical data and Inventor data on Vault Professional.