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Data Acquisition: Make Smarter and Safer Planning, Design, Operations, and Maintenance Decisions

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    With the advent of the smart grid, it is even more important to have accurate and timely data. In this class, we will talk about right-of-way data capture and 3D street-level data capture. We will cover ground penetrating radar (GPR) , which enables you to access and understand underground utilities, to mitigate the risk of digging up or damaging someone else’s utilities, and to better coordinate across multiple organizations for projects such as road widening or overhead-to-underground. We will discuss smarter LiDAR, including processing of all types of LiDAR data from airborne, low-altitude corridor, mobile, and static sources. The class will cover ways to reduce the time needed to create current, accurate documentation of a proposed site and to maintain data of real-time existing conditions, reducing undocumented objects or changes from the original project scope. Finally, we will cover data maintenance, including refresh options and integration to maximize benefit of data and software investment.

    Key Learnings

    • Describe best practices and challenges in data acquisition
    • Explain why data is of paramount importance in the move to smart grids
    • Explain how industry trends are requiring more data with better quality
    • List and describe different data capture technologies