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Creating Plugable Custom Document Window Content to Enhance AutoCAD Software’s UI

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    Since AutoCAD 2015 software, a custom document window can be added into AutoCAD, similar to AutoCAD software’s “New” window (AutoCAD 2015) and “Start” window (AutoCAD 2016 and later). AutoCAD customization programmers can enhance AutoCAD users’ experiences by using this custom document window to provide rich information that might be needed when a user is working with AutoCAD. This class will demonstrate a small framework that creates an empty custom document window in AutoCAD, which makes it possible to develop independent UI components to show various types of information and plug these UI components into the custom document window at design time, or at runtime dynamically.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to create a custom document window in AutoCAD, and discover the basics of how to control its opening and closing
    • Learn how to build plugable UI components with WPF that can be used with AutoCAD software’s custom document window
    • Learn how to dynamic load different DLLs based on availability of API resources