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Creating Commercial Applications for Mobile Devices Using AutoCAD OEM

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    This class will show how we used the AutoCAD OEM CAD platform to create a mobile application that will enable users to process point clouds and create precise, detailed, and fully textured 3D models in the field. The discussion will explore how to exploit a Windows Surface Pro tablet's touch-based inputs through the use of a stylus and finger gestures. In particular, we will also demonstrate how to map traditional AutoCAD software commands onto the stylus controls. Due to a lack of real estate on tablet devices, creating an uncluttered, simple user interface is paramount to creating a successful commercial tablet application. Using the AutoCAD OEM platform, we will show how to reduce the amount of exposed functionality thus exposing only a few essential commands to the user via a clean, uncluttered interface. Lastly, we will demonstrate how to package the application with only the relevant menus, icons, and splash screens to create a finished commercial application that has a small install footprint suitable for a tablet platform.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to use the AutoCAD OEM platform to create commercial applications with a fully customized user interface
    • Learn how to reduce the functionality of a commercial application to include only the AutoCAD software commands that are truly necessary
    • Learn how to create a tablet-based application that takes advantage of the unique tablet-based touch-based inputs
    • Learn how to package a commercial application with a small install footprint suitable for a tablet platform