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Connecting Substation P&C Drawings to Mesh Models with an iPhone/iPad Lidar

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    Can 2D wiring drawings and 3D mesh models play together? This class explores the possibilities of using iPhone/iPad Pro Lidar to create mesh models of substation assets in the field. In this case study, working with a utility customer, we scanned their substation wiring panels with an iPad and iPhone Pro. Next, we created mesh models in an Autodesk ReCAP Photo environment and connected it to its 2D drawings in AutoCAD Electrical. Finally, attached it as part of a lifecycle in Autodesk Vault. Capturing this data could allow engineers and designers to see the actual wiring in a model with their 2D wiring drawing. This can also allow snapshots of how the rack was wired at that point in time. We will go over the process of retrieving the data, the differences in hardware, exploring the advantages and shortcomings of the data retrieved, and how we may further the process as the technology improves.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to use iPhone and iPad lidar to create models of objects.
    • Moving captured mesh model data to Autodesk ReCAP Photo.
    • Connecting mesh models to 2D drawings.
    • Attaching it as part of a Autodesk Vault lifecycle.