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Connect Vault with ERP: Items, Bills Of Materials, Files, and More
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Connecting engineering (Vault software) with purchase (ERP: Enterprise Resource Planning) is a mandatory step. Nowadays, technology helps, as most ERP systems provide APIs or the like. This session will show you how Vault and ERP can be connected in a direct way, so operations are immediate, data is kept just once (no data redundancy), and users know right away whether the action was successful or not. You will see a live integration between Vault and Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and we will also talk about other ERP systems like SAP, and others.

Key Learnings

  • Understand how a Vault ERP might work
  • Discover the technologies involved in a Vault-ERP integration
  • Discover workflows of a Vault-ERP integration
  • Discover the effort and cost involved with the integration



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