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Connect AutoCAD to the Web with HTML5 and JavaScript

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    AutoCAD 2015 software's JavaScript API (application programming interface) enables a whole new generation of web-enabled applications. This session will focus on how you can use this API to connect web-based applications with AutoCAD software. We'll look at how you can use HTML5 to implement user interface components inside AutoCAD software (modal and modeless dialogs, palettes, and new document windows), including calling into core AutoCAD software capabilities and custom Microsoft .NET/C++ code via the JavaScript API. To illustrate how to address various workflows, we'll take a look at a few sample integrations, including integrating Paper.js to preview 2D geometry; integrating Three.js to preview 3D geometry; integrating Isomer for isometric previews of 3D geometry; and integrating Shapeshifter to preview and import highly complex 3D geometry.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand why and how AutoCAD software now has a JavaScript API
    • Discover the various user interface capabilities that are now HTML5 enabled
    • Learn how to communicate from an HTML5 app with AutoCAD software and .NET code
    • Learn how to integrate a variety of third-party JavaScript libraries to solve various problems