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Configure-to-Order on the Web with Autodesk® Inventor® Engineer-to-Order

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    Do you reuse most or all of your previous designs for every new customer order? Do you want your salespeople and/or your customers to be able to easily configure design orders and be confident that the configurations are valid? If so, join us in this class as we discuss how Autodesk Inventor Engineer-to-Order (ETO) software delivers easy-to-use web and mobile interfaces for configuring products. You will also learn how Inventor ETO enables easy reuse and management of CAD data in the back-end database.

    Key Learnings

    • Automate the interaction of a configurator application with Autodesk® Vault (or other project data management systems) to reuse designs
    • Explain the value of automating the sales process using modern techniques
    • Identify key components of an automated configure-to-order solution
    • Deploy a configurator application to the web using Inventor ETO