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Configurable Designs and Tolerancing for Machining with Autodesk HSM

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    Inventor software for mechanical design and 3D CAD (bundled with Autodesk HSM software) is a powerful manufacturing platform that includes many technologies that can be used to improve machining productivity. In this class, we'll go through techniques and workflows to give you some ideas to improve your CAM programming efficiency and increase machine shop productivity. You can use iLogic to create configurable part\work holding templates, which let you model your setups very quickly and efficiently, ensuring accurate simulation and safety. You can harness the tolerance engine inside Inventor software to drive your machined dimensions, letting you make easy adjustments after the first-off part. CAM probing operations (on capable machines)-driven by the toleranced dimensions in the CAD model-let the machine perform its own quality assurance, and even re-machine out-of-spec features. You will get the most out of this class if you have a working knowledge of Autodesk HSM software.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to use iLogic in Inventor to build configurable part/work holding templates for CAM
    • Learn how to specify tolerances on model parameters and use these to control targets for machined dimensions
    • Learn how to use Autodesk HSM probing cycles as a QA check on a machined dimension, during the production process
    • Learn how to use model and toolpath templates in Autodesk HSM to save programming time