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Computational Design of Complex Patterns and Geometry with Dynamo and Alias

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    Alias 2019 software comes together with the very special add-in called Dynamo. Dynamo is the computational design platform embedded into Alias and interacting with the geometry created within it. Computational design is a change in the medium of design expression from geometry to logic. It lets designers and engineers create geometry relationships based on rules rather than traditional sculpting/push-pull manipulations. By encoding design rules in a computational framework, it's possible to quickly generate complex, parametric, repetitive geometries, and iterate among different options to determine the best solution. In this class, we will discuss some practical methods of how to model complex patterns like intake, speaker, or front grill. This will include how to deal with the pattern on multiple trimmed surfaces, how to start, and which Dynamo tools to use.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover computation design and how it can be used to generate complex geometry
    • Learn how Dynamo interacts with Alias
    • Discover how Dynamo deals with multisurfaces created in Alias
    • Discover the methods for creating a parametric pattern on multisurfaces