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Commercial Breakdown: Start to Finish— Part 2

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    In part 2 of this 2-part class (part 1 taught by Joe Gunn) you will see the production pipeline from start to finish on a commercial spec spot for the HBO show Boardwalk Empire. This class will pick up where part 1 left off, showing how the latest tools and techniques were used to bring this piece to life. The animation and visual effects are complete; now it's time for some lighting. Who knows, the client may even have some changes that need to be quickly addressed before render passes are set up and composited. Throughout both classes you will learn real-world production-proven techniques and timesaving tips that will help artists from any background who use 3ds Max software.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn timesaving production tips and techniques
    • Learn how to utilize the V-Ray rendering engine to quickly develop lighting and looks
    • Learn how to properly set up a render passes for compositing in Adobe After Effects
    • Learn how to use 3ds Max software to quickly adjust to regular production issues and client tweaks