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A Case Study: Marvin Windows - from Marvin Docs to Autodesk Vault, and back

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    <p>Marvin Windows had developed their own data management platform, and had successfully used it for many years. With tribal knowledge leaving and technology changing it was time to move towards a more standard approach. However some things in Marvin Docs needed to remain, so migrating all of their data, and then integrating some workflows back to Marvin Docs became the focus. In this Study we will talk about the assessment, the migration, the integration and overall success and continued growth of this partnership.</p>

    Key Learnings

    • Learning how to properly assess what is currently in place
    • Outlining the steps to migrate from one platform to another
    • Deciphering what to integrate back vs new processes put in place
    • Ask the customer, a Marvin representative will be answering questions.