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CAD Manager or CAD Leader: How to Be the Best of Both

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    The best leaders may not be great managers. The best managers may not have the skills to lead. We will look at the skills of each position and see how you can blend them together to make you the most effective at both. You can improve your effectiveness by knowing what skill to apply to each situation. We will show you how to identify the situations where leadership is the most effective approach and the situations where management skills need to be applied. Making the wrong call about which hat you need to wear can get you into hot water. Come away with the tools you need to be more nimble and productive.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover which skills are linked to managing and which ones are needed for leadership
    • Develop the tools you need to identify situations and learn how to identify what skill to apply to make progress
    • Learn how to balance your efforts for doing things right and doing the right things
    • Discover the traits of an effective manager and those of a great leader