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Lecture    MA2274
Beyond Design and into Manufacturing with Autodesk Design Suites
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Preparing your designs for manufacture isn't just about knocking out a 2D drawing and hitting print. There's a ton of metadata which can be created and capitalized on to improve the flow of information and the components themselves through the manufacturing process. These days, automated manufacturing with computer numerical control (CNC) is commonplace; therefore, it is necessary to have an efficient process for creating CNC cut files or models. In this class, we cover several ways to prepare and export data to CAM software ready for CNC machining. Which one is best for your company or process? Exporting that manufacturing data from Inventor® software is only part of the process. Learn how you can deliver that information to those within manufacturing and procurement. The class also features iPropWiz V6, an amazing Inventor add-in that not only supercharges iProperties, but also makes it easier to create CNC cut files.

Key Learnings

  • Use iPropWiz to supercharge your component properties and manufacturing data
  • List the options for creating 2D CNC cut files
  • List the options for creating 3D CNC cut files
  • Deliver manufacturing information and CAM information to those who need it


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