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Beyond Bricks and Mortar: Digital Transformation Approach to Infrastructure

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    Our world has become increasingly interconnected, which makes resilient critical infrastructure more important than ever. Traditional methods of creating and maintaining non-building infrastructure struggle to keep up with the evolving landscape. In this talk, we'll discuss the urgent need for resilient and sustainable infrastructure in the face of aging systems, climate change, and urbanization. The session will focus on the transformative potential of digital technologies and explore how you can use them to design, build, and maintain transportation, energy, water, and utility systems. We'll present real-world case studies to show how digital transformation reshapes critical infrastructure today through data-driven decision making and advanced construction techniques. By gaining a deeper understanding of current challenges, you will walk away with actionable insights and strategies for integrating new technologies effectively into your business processes to reap rewards.

    Key Learnings

    • Identify key obstacles, evaluate risks, and create specific solutions that enhance project resilience.
    • Learn about incorporating digital tools into infrastructure project planning to enhance innovation and efficiency.
    • Gain skills and knowledge from successful case studies to implement proven strategies and apply best practices to projects.
    • Learn how to craft actionable strategies and a road map for adopting technologies to achieve infrastructure resilience and sustainability.