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Beyond 3D in InfraWorks: Simulate What Happens in Your Real-World Models

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    This class covers the use of InfraWorks software to create a visual representation of not only the world outside our office's windows, but also to display the results of dynamic phenomena that evolve for real in the represented territory. Starting from CAD, GIS, or other data related to territory, many software applications can simulate the evolution of events such as atmospheric dispersion of fumes or the diffusion of pollutants or noise. However, many of these applications usually produce just raw data as results in tabular form, or they require a digital artist to convert the results to a form everybody can understand. In this class, we demonstrate techniques to prepare data for simulation applications, elaborate them, and then bring the results of the analysis into the visually rich and geometrically correct context provided by InfraWorks.

    Key Learnings

    • Use InfraWorks to display the results of complex simulations
    • Interface with other software applications, such as those in Autodesk® design and creation suites or from government agencies, to simulate the real world
    • Prepare data to be processed in an external simulation software
    • Import complex data into an InfraWorks model