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Better Machine Design with Inventor Design Accelerators
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Simulation technologies are very powerful, but for purchased fasteners or machine components that use standard gear tooth profiles, bearings, chains, or springs simulation aren’t the most efficient solutions. The answers to selecting those types of components have been cataloged for decades in handbooks and reference materials. In this course, we’ll get hands on to try out several of the Design Accelerators in Inventor that use time-tested performance standards to size and select components. These tools can also shorten the design process by creating multiple features at once even through multiple components in an assembly. If you design machinery, you need to be aware of these tools.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to produce machine components using the load requirements to establish what geometry will work
  • Learn how to place clearance holes through components after calculating the fasteners required to hold the assembly together
  • Learn how to choose a standard belt size and position pulleys based on power handling requirements
  • Learn how to create meshing gears based on the loads without having to draw the gear features



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