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Avoiding and Removing the Barnacles of CADD and Model Clutter

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    One of the main culprits of file corruption, speed degradation, data loss, and frustration is the monster of CADD and model clutter. This unnecessary clutter connects and hangs on to CADD files and models like barnacles to a ship, slowing it down and robbing it of its potential. This class will demonstrate proven practices and tips for avoiding and eliminating blotted data, debilitating large files, unused styles and layers, and unneeded data attached to drawings and models. We'll cover in detail 10 practical and timely practices that will avoid and remove these barnacles to improve efficiency, increase quality, and reduce frustration. Implementing these habits will help you avoid being subservient to the data, and empower you to focus on design and innovation.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about CADD and model clutter and its damaging effects
    • Learn how to avoid the barnacles of clutter from attaching to your drawings and models
    • Learn how to remove the barnacles already attached
    • Learn how to focus on design and innovation rather than be subservient to the data