Lecture    ED1660
Autodesk® Media & Entertainment: Rigorous Creativity in Core Academic Classes
Michael Reilly
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Autodesk products, in particular the entertainment creation suites, offer an opportunity to reinvent learning in language arts, social studies, and other core academic classes. By using a game or movie development approach to core subject learning, you can motivate your students to learn with the use of tools such as Autodesk® 3ds Max®, Autodesk Maya®, and other software products. The variety of Autodesk products, combined with the general principles that have already seen amazing classroom success, could reignite a passion for learning in so many students and schools. You can be part of the solution, as a mentor or teacher or business.

Key Learnings

  • Explain how industries, schools, and other leaders in the area can join together to create an authentic learning environment
  • Map out a plan to make their own "flavor" of project-based learning that blends the technical with the core classes
  • Describe how Autodesk products can create positive change in the non-technical classroom
  • Evaluate how they could begin to reach out to teachers of core classes in your school or area


 Michael Reilly
Michael Reilly
Former tech consultant with one of those big companies, Mike has been a teacher in some of the most interesting places in the US: Detroit, Boston, some volunteer work in Harlem, and more. Now in affordable but hot Georgia, Mike leads the Center for Design and Technology at Lanier High School. This is a program that uses digital creativity in order to teach core academics. So, instead of a 10-page term paper, kids develop movies or games to get their History or Science work done. Beyond the classroom, Mike enjoys taking the SAT and other tests, mentors in FIRST robotics (Team 1771, and now starting a new team at his new school), and has a focus on developing digital entrepreneurship. He's won some awards and stuff, blah blah. At home, Mike plays with his son Noah and daughter Makenna as much as possible, as they continue to help develop Mike's imagination and creativity. He does live in a house divided: his wife likes Apple while Mike is not so much of a fan.

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