Lecture    BO5928
Autodesk® Buzzsaw®: Anatomy of a Successful Buzzsaw Site
Monica Melendez
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Autodesk Buzzsaw cloud-based software provides a flexible means for introducing the power of the cloud into any existing workflow. This class will cover a combination of best practices, useful utilities, learning and training strategies, and ideas to maximize adoption across various disciplines and skill levels. If you have an existing Autodesk Buzzsaw site or you’re interested in taking advantage of the benefits of Autodesk Buzzsaw and its companion programs, this class is for you.

Key Learnings

  • Use application programming interfaces (APIs) through the WebDAV capability in Buzzsaw
  • List the keys to building HTML pages within a Buzzsaw site
  • Begin to design a Buzzsaw administrative workflow
  • Explain the implications of folder structure, permissions, and nomenclature


 Monica Melendez
Monica Melendez
Monica Melendez is a Business Systems Manager in the Architecture and Construction division of Marriott International. In her eight years at Marriott, Monica has ushered in Marriott’s digital workflow by designing, configuring, and implementing one of the largest Autodesk® Buzzsaw® ® sites in the world. Monica has been involved with systems management and configuration for more than twenty years. As a contributing member of Autodesk’s Retail and Hospitality Advisory Board, Monica has shared her innovative use of Autodesk® Buzzsaw® ® with several companies and assisted in developing Autodesk® Buzzsaw® ® configuration “Best Practices”.

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