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The Autodesk PLM 360 Partner Ecosystem: Join the Movement!

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    If you ever wondered what Autodesk's move to the cloud and its busting into the PLM space means for our current and future development and service partners, this class is for you. It's all part of the Autodesk PLM 360 Partner Ecosystem. The Autodesk PLM 360 Partner Ecosystem is fundamental for the future of our PLM 360 business around applications and services. PLM 360 partners' apps and services will enable the democratization of PLM 360 cloud-based product lifecycle management software, because virtually anyone can participate—whether it is a single-person development firm, a service partner capable of delivering multimillion dollar solutions, and everything in between. It is projected that the partner ecosystem will indirectly drive up to 40% of Autodesk software sales by selling and promoting partner applications and services. This class presents an overview of the current PLM 360 partner roadmap, expectations, and criteria to become a PLM 360 partner and how to get started. You also learn and hear firsthand from existing PLM 360 cloud partners who have already developed integrations for PLM 360.

    Key Learnings

    • Explain why development Partners are a crucial part of Autodesk PLM 360
    • Describe the different PLM 360 partner types
    • Explain the criteria and process around becoming a PLM 360 development partner
    • Decide if now is the right time to join as a development partner