Lecture    CM3190
AutoLISP® Strategies for CAD Managers
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Learn how to create keystroke-saving functions, delete and redefine commands, load CUI files, set workspaces, control system variables, call external programs, and more using AutoLISP via a proven sample environment. Next, learn how to call AutoLISP functions from toolbars, ribbons, and palettes and learn to control AutoCAD® profile/environment variables to manage plot configurations, palettes, and support directories. Finally, we discuss how these tricks can be used to control multiple workstations via your network. If you've ever wanted to know more about how AutoLISP can help you manage your AutoCAD software-based tools, you don't want to miss this class. Note: This class assumes you have a working knowledge of CUI customization and tool palette usage, and a basic knowledge of AutoLISP is also helpful.

Key Learnings

  • Control AutoCAD command vocabulary with AutoLISP
  • Consistently manage AutoCAD in network topologies
  • Control CUI elements via AutoLISP
  • Manage AutoCAD tools without profiles




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