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AutoCAD Tool Palettes Master Class (Planning and Preparation, Not Perspiration)

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    CAD standards are a bone of contention for every CAD manager. For me, CAD standards are all about a single thing—productivity. It's all about decision-making. I don't want you spending time deciding what font to use or what lineweight to draw with. Those tasks don’t increase the project’s value. I want you to be able to focus on creating drawings that sell ideas to a client or help make manufacturing quicker and easier. You shouldn't need to worry about CAD standards. In this class I'll take you through the exact steps that I use to create a comprehensive set of tool palettes that deploy our company CAD standards. I'll show you how to deploy your tool palettes on the network, and how to update them from a central file. We will push as hard as we can into deploying scripts and macros from tool palettes, and cover some of the tips and hacks of tool palettes that you won't find in the help file.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to create a completely fresh tool palette in a network location
    • Learn how to create, edit, and save tools onto your networked palettes
    • Learn how to boost productivity with scripts and macros hosted on your pallettes
    • Learn how to hack your tool palettes without opening AutoCAD